How Can I Check My Shares Transferred To Iepf

The Investor Education Protection Fund (IEPF) Authority was created to safeguard the interests of investors who hold shares on the Indian Stock Exchange but have not received their dividend payments. With the exception of bonus or split shares, dividends on shares that have not been claimed for seven years in a row are transferred to the IEPF. As a result, it is imperative that shareholders be advised to maintain track of their money and to claim their dividends on time. In order to raise investor awareness and safeguard their interests in the money market, the IEPF Authority revives inactive shares and makes refunds of unclaimed dividends, matured deposits, or debentures to investors. You will learn how to check funds transferred to the IEPF in the IEPF shares recovery in this blog.

How can we find out the status of shares transferred to Iepf?

To check the status of shares transferred to Iepf, go to the official website and then click on Search Unclaimed/Unpaid Amounts. These are unclaimed dividends that have not been used for 7 consecutive years and have been transferred to IEPF by iepf shares recovery. Details on such sums that are due to be transferred to IEPF but are still with the corporation are available. Then, download Form 5 INV, fill it out, and send it to the MCA21 site to provide investor-specific details of unclaimed and underpaid funds in an Excel file. Then, get the spreadsheet template from the IEPF Portal and fill it out, then upload the file with investor-specific details of unclaimed and unpaid amounts and double-check before submitting for iepf shares recovery.

What is the Dematerialisation Of Physical Shares?

Dematerialization is the act of converting physical holdings into digital holdings, and it can be carried out through the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), which had previously outlawed the physical transfer of shares.

Transfer of Unclaimed Shares to IEPF

The IEPF must get the shares from the company that hasn't had a dividend payment in more than seven years, along with the interest that has accrued for iepf shares recovery along with company information. A shareholder may recover unclaimed shares by transferring them to the IEPF Authority, which keeps track of all accounts, by a firm or any other person who does not receive the claim. Unclaimed company shares, dividends, debt obligations, and interest collected on them, as well as unrealized proceeds from matured company deposits, are among the money transferred to the IEPF that may be reclaimed later by iepf shares recovery.

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If you’re still in possession of physical stock certificates, it is a good idea to apply for dematerialization as soon as possible as everything is going digitalized & also the shares in a Demat account which ensures maximum safety and security also you can use iepf shares recovery for unclaimed dividends which are not been used for 7 consecutive years. So if there is any doubt regarding the demat account or unclaimed dividend you could always get in touch with Legalraasta which takes a few minutes to contact for free!


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